Tennis at Legacy Pines

Whether you want to play for fun or healthy competition,

Legacy Pines Club has you covered!

Are You A Beginner Tennis Player?

If so your in luck! Legacy Pines has a built in ladder system that can track how your are progressing and match you up with players of similar skill. The luxury tennis grounds are a place for development and community fun while all within walking distance of the clubhouse and course! Bring a friend to play against or make friends while playing other members in your skill bracket.

Are You An Experienced Tennis Player?

When you play tennis at Legacy Pines you not only have access to a premium quality courts but also an environment where we best cater to your abilities! If you are looking to improve, move your way up the ladder by playing members ranked higher than you & test your skills. 

Ladder System Login

Legacy Pines uses an easy & quick to use software allowing you to keep track of match progress in a ladder system that keeps track of your score and will place you in a skill based bracket.

Court Reserving Login 

In order to make sure that the courts are being used efficiently Legacy Pines uses a court reserving software that allows you to pick what court and the time frame you want t0 play on. This is to ensure that safe and proper use of the courts are in effect.

With many upcoming events and weekly traditions,
there’s no better time to become a member!

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